About Us

ImageCar Care Expert is a free consumer info service designed to connect the consumer to certified auto technicians and shops throught the United States. We provide information about certified auto technicians. No matter if the technician moves to another shop, you as the consumer can find a certified auto technicians or mechanic within this site.
We assist in the process of promoting certified car and truck auto technicians. We understand as a Consumers you should have the right to know who is working on your vehicle, we also understand the difficulty and cost associated with trusting a repair shop. Car Care Expert. Com is a new company and you may not find technicians in your area, however we are working on doing just that. As we move forward with getting you started on the right road with our convenient directory of certified auto technicians. You as a consumer will have the opportunity to compare certified experienced, knowledgeable and trained technicians, you can choose by location and specialization. Car Care Expert.Com will make it easier to locate trusted certified automobile service technicians. Saving you time and money on what will be an important choice.

Our dynamic consumer directory is designed to locate certified auto technicians and specialist. Our goal is to list as many certified specialists in our directory so you as the consumer can locate a certified specialist. choice.

How we work

We list certified automotive technicians who hold certifications in our network. This level of detail allows us to provide you the consumer with a copy of their certifications so can actually see if the technician is certified.